Proctored Assessment

Platform from Aceline Tech Solutions that augments your resourcing needs and offers a wide range of assessment services.


With over a decade of experience in the field of recruitment and skill management, Aceline Tech Solutions ventured into the field of online assessments and skill development. is the platform from Aceline Tech Solutions that augments your resourcing needs and offers a wide range of assessment services. With AI based cheat proof features, dynamic and flexible platform, best in class support and ever changing and up to the date content, gives you the much needed edge in your hiring process.

Built with a vision, reflects the commitment of value addition that Aceline Tech Solutions promises its clients.

While this concept was nurtured as one of the services initially on demand, Aceline was able to convert it into a product platform. proved successful even before the commercial launch. The first beta version for public launched in November 2019 itself was able to garner over 1,00,000 subscribers within first 6 months of launch. is now a stabilized platform serving over 40 clients and 200 educational institutions. And it keeps evolving everyday adding niche and jaw dropping features.

Key Features

The key features include :

  • Bouquet of Assessments including Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, Coding (30+ Languages) and even specialized English language skill tests including speech and listening skills.
  • Proctored Assessment platform driven by AI to reduce malpractices helpful for quick and easy test administration.
  • Cheat Proof with a host of security features including IP Tracking, Window Swap Detection, Copy Proof, etc.

  • Detailed Candidate Profile including Video Resume.

  • Best in the Class support.

  • Budget Friendly service allowing you to save upto 75% of your costs* in a full fledged hiring.

  • Single Platform to replace multiple platforms for “Assessment”, “Sourcing”, “Language Testing”, “Content Training”, “Job Posting”. Shift to

As an offshoot of, Aceline Tech Solutions also offers verifiable e-certificate solutions which can be utilized for awards, training/participation certificates, assessment based certifications, etc.

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