One stop solution for all your training and hiring needs.


Xplore.co.in is the one stop solution for all your training and hiring needs. Xplore.co.in is the product/platform driven by Aceline Tech Solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the training and recruitment industry, we, Aceline Tech Solutions, came up with a 3T model (Talent Identification, Talent Grooming & Talent Deployment) which is now being implemented successfully with a host of premier corporations.

Less than a year into the launch (in November 2019) of our platform Xplore.co.in, we started working with 40+ clients and over 1,50,000 subscribers.

We can proudly say that we are one of the very few companies offering the scale and range of services as listed. Choosing Xplore.co.in would help you discard multiple platforms involved with the recruitment process as we offer :

  • Bouquet of Assessments including Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, Coding (30+ Languages) and even specialized English language skill tests including speech and listening skills.
  • Proctored Assessment platform driven by AI to reduce malpractices helpful for quick and easy test administration.
  • Cheat Proof with a host of security features including IP Tracking, Window Swap Detection, Copy Proof, etc.

  • Detailed Candidate Profile including Video Resume.

  • Best in the Class support.

  • Budget Friendly service allowing you to save upto 75% of your costs* in a full fledged hiring.

  • Single Platform to replace multiple platforms for “Assessment”, “Sourcing”, “Language Testing”, “Content Training”, “Job Posting”. Shift to xplore.co.in.