Hire Train Deploy

We develop customized training curriculum and training plans to suit your hiring needs whether it is Hire Train & Deploy or just Train & Deploy.

Are you in need of continuous supply of resources skilled in particular technologies? Or are you looking for candidates pre-trained & pre-assessed?

Many businesses find it difficult to address the specific training set. Addressing skill gap or finding resources ready to be deployed, is one of the major challenges faced by companies, be it a start-up or an IT Major. Aceline offers multiple models of Training & Deployment.

Aceline is one of the few companies that has a fully functional training vertical with a dedicated management team to take care of the training needs of the corporates or individuals. To assist and monitor our training process, we deploy our own Learning Management System (LMS) Platform – Xplore (https://www.xplore.co.in) which also comes with in-built assessment platform including code tests.

In case you have perennial requirements in a specific skill, we offer customized training models that cater to your hiring needs.

We ensure that our training programs also cover the domain specific & company/client specific information along with the general working etiquettes and communication skills so that the professionals onboarded with your organization can be deployed immediately. This shortens your induction cycle and is more effective if you are hiring freshers.

We have proven case studies that reduce project deployment time of the freshers. This is one of the best ROI models that a company can ask for. Reduce your time, effort, money and most importantly, the time of your delivery teams in grooming your new joinees. Make them billable faster than before.